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At EVChaja, we provide state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions across Kenya. Our network is designed to offer reliability and efficiency, ensuring your EV is always ready for the road. Join the green revolution with our cutting-edge charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging in Kenya

Charging on the Go

Effortless charging on the move with our fast EV chargers strategically placed in convenient locations. From running errands to relaxing at a hotel, simply plug in, charge up, and hit the road hassle-free.

Business Solutions

Empower your business with versatile EV charging solutions tailored to your needs. From workplace charging for employees to fleet management, we provide the infrastructure for a sustainable future.

Help Centre

Navigate EV charging with ease through our comprehensive help center. Find guidance on running, operating, and maximizing your charging infrastructure's potential in Africa's evolving energy.

EV Charging Solutions for Kenya

Unleash the Power

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EVChaja is Kenya's first network of electric vehicles charging stations.  We are leading the charge. EVChaja is here for Electrical Car owners, Drivers, Fleets Operators, Business owners, Utilities, Government and Non- Government Agencies, Policy makers, and everyone else who is ready to join the revolution!

About Our Business

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Electric Chargers Revolutionize Transportation in Kenya

Discover the remarkable journey of E-mobility in Africa, where electric vehicles (EVs) and electric chargers are reshaping transportation across the continent. Embracing sustainable solutions, Africa is witnessing cleaner air, reduced emissions, and improved accessibility through the widespread adoption of EVs and the rapid expansion of electric charging infrastructure.

Your gateway to a smarter, greener world of EV driving in Kenya. With our app, you gain access to a network of convenient charging locations, real-time status updates, and even exclusive rewards for our valued members. Monitor your membership status, track charging sessions, and seamlessly plan your routes, all from the palm of your hand. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable future with the power of our EV charging app.

Introducing our cutting-edge mobile app

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